Tips for Running a Marathon: What Newbies Should Know

How to run a marathon

Thus, the term marathon to describe a long distance run was coined. In addition, Pheidippides’ distance is close to the standard 42-kilometer marathon race.

Today, about 500 official marathons are organized across the globe with as many as hundreds to thousands of runners.
If you are among the populace planning to test your stamina and sport skills, the following are marathon training tips for newbies like you to help you succeed.

Tips on Running a Marathon for Beginners

Set your goal. Among the tips for running first marathon pointers will help you start off on the right foot. You should first envision what you want to achieve. Some of your objectives aside from winning should be how much you want to increase your strides, speed, and endurance.


These are measurable parameters, so you can easily gauge your progress. Measure your baseline to know how far you are from your goals.

Start out slow. Many people start by running a half marathon. Setting a doable goal is among the integral ways of ensuring you stick with your running program. While it is best to start with the shortest course, you can determine what marathon you should enter by setting a distance you can finish comfortably.

To do this, choose a course that has kilometer or mile signage. Take note of where you started, and run as if you are on a race. When you cannot run anymore, try to measure the distance you have covered. This is the marathon distance (5K, 10K, 21K, or 42K) you should enter.

Tips for running a 10K in style

Choose your lucky outfit. Having a marathon outfit helps in psyching or getting you excited for the race. Of course, looking good for the marathon is a must should you bag one of the awards.

Buy an outfit one month in advance so that when you do a dry run (no pun intended) of the race, you can use the outfit you have picked. This will also help in breaking in your new shoes.

Marathon training plans

Make a schedule. One of the most important steps to train for a marathon is to have a plan of how you will practice for the race. This helps you focus on what you need to do and find a good strategy for winning, or at least finishing the race successfully.

There are a lot of downloadable plans online that you can use to train to run a marathon. Some are free while others require you to pay a minimal fee.

Learn about the course of the marathon you are to run in. As they say forewarned is being armed. One of the important marathon running tips is to try to find a terrain closest to the course. Run on this course one month before the race. You can even visit the real marathon course and practice there if your schedule permits.

Take a break. Every so often, forget about the marathon and go back to your fun running. This will help in decreasing the pressure and panic, which can be counterproductive if allowed to build. Remember that marathons are still fun activities for keeping fit.

Choose nutrition buddies. This is one of the essential tips for running a marathon that many tend to forget. First, get supplementation. There are vitamins and minerals that are intended for marathon runners. You should also choose an energy drink to use in the race.

Nutrition bars should be part of your daily menu. About a week before the race, load on carbohydrates and avoid fatty foods. This will give you a readily available source of your much-needed energy.

The big day! Tips for running a half marathon, or the full marathon

Put on the right marathon attitude. On the day of the marathon, wake up three hours before the race so you can have an early breakfast. This will give ample time for your food to be digested.

For the first third of the race, find people you can run with. Aside from making friends, this will serve as distraction and you will not feel so fatigued.

Remember to properly hydrate during the race as you may not feel the effects of dehydration until too late, and it may be too late to remedy the situation. By following these tips to run a marathon, whether or not you meet the day’s goal, think of all the health benefits you have gained.

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