Running on an empty stomach

Doing muscle building exercises after running on an empty stomach helps burn more fat as compared to a workout after a meal. According to the research, athletes who perform cardio on an empty stomach burn more fats and at a faster rate.

Should you run on an empty stomach?

The answer is, yes. It is better run on an empty stomach. What’s more, if you exercise in the morning, you will continue to burn more fats during the day.
Exercise on an empty stomach can be analyzed by looking at the blood glycogen level in the body. The level of glycogen is less in the muscles and the liver early in the morning due to overnight fasting.

This small amount of glycogen and lowered blood sugar levels are the ideal conditions for burning fat rather than carbohydrates.
As glycogen is the body’s primary source of energy, and it stores carbohydrates, when these levels are low, the body moves on to the secondary source of energy, which is fat.
This causes the burning of fats at a higher level as compared to a raised glycogen level after a meal.
The after burn effect makes the work out in the morning with an empty stomach more effective. Even after the exercise, the body will continue to burn fat because of an elevated metabolism that continues throughout the day.

Whereas if a person performs exercise at night, the elevated metabolism will last as long as the person goes to sleep. So the best overall and belly fat burner is exercise on an empty stomach.

Although running on an empty stomach in the morning is of great help to burn fats, the results for men and women are not the same. For women to get more from the exercise, they need to eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates (fruits, cereal, rice, pasta, vegetables, etc) before they start.

So to not eat before an exercise is not always ideal as it depends on what kind of workout you want. For cardiovascular exercise, you should not eat anything before it so that you can burn a large amount of fats and calories throughout the day.

For the general conditioning of the body and betterment of the body’s performance, you need to have something to act as a fuel for your body and provide it with the required energy. For an athlete, it is important to have a light meal three hours before the start of the race and even something to eat when the race is about to start.

Oatmeal or a banana can serve this purpose well as they contain carbohydrates.

The more you know your body, and its needs the more you can judge what you can and cannot eat. If you end up with a gastric problem or vomiting after eating and going for a workout, then avoid having meals before it.

You need to know that running while the stomach is empty is a good way to lose belly fat. Combined with a few belly fat exercises in the morning, running is a good way to lose stomach fat.

You can manage your diet according to your routine and the nature of exercise you perform. Doing workouts in the morning does not cause harm to your body rather it makes you feel healthy throughout the day. So running on an empty stomach is a good idea but in the morning specifically.

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