GPS Running Watches and Cycling

When cycling for pleasure, you might not need to monitor your performance, and your speed and covered distance might not be of big importance for you. However, if you are a pro or serious about cycling, then you would need a gadget, which gives you not only basic information, but could help you keep track of your progress and make the best out of your workout. Many of the GPS running watches come with number of accessories and attachments, which make them useful for cyclists too – for further comfort, the watches could be attached to the bike’s stem or handlebars, which allows you to easily keep an eye on the displayed data. Foot pods are also one of the most commonly sold accessories and heart rate monitors are widely used as well. In most cases, the heart rate monitors are strap belts, which are attached to the chest and allow the cyclist to pedal on, while they measure the heart rate and send data wirelessly to the main unit at the same time.

Once the workout is over, you could connect the GPS running watch by a USB cable or wirelessly to your computer, upload your data, and further analyze it. Some of the latest models also connect with other compatible devices (like a second GPS watch) and allow you to transfer data almost instantly. While they have been created mainly for runners, they are of great use of cyclists too, and could help you stay focused and motivated!

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