Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Detox Recipe

Aside from fruits, vegetables can also be used in making juices as they are also very good source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

Juicing is a very favorable way to eat fruits and vegetables because in just a single glass, you can already have the needed amount of vitamins and minerals. This can also be used for detoxification diet purposes. The juice is a helpful aid in helping the colon and other organs of the body to get rid of toxins and its residues that have been deposited there for a long period of time. These toxins could develop into malignancies if not flushed out, it can also turn into life threatening diseases if left untreated.

Fruit and vegetable juice detox diet should not be done as a continuing diet plan, there is a prescribed maximum period to it since doing it longer than what is required is not good for the body. Please bear in mind that anything done in excess is bad. No matter how much vitamins and minerals the juice contain, they are still lacking in other nutrients that your body needs.

It is important that you juice everyday and make sure that your body acquire the nutrients it needs.

Use organic ingredients only when juicing. Fresh or ripe vegetables always appear bright in color and smells good. Never usethose that are over riped, spoiled and dull in color. Before juicing, wash and rinse the fruits and vegetables using filtered water.

Make it a point to drink fruit and vegetable juices on a daily basis. It is should be consumed immediately, if not, store the leftover immediately in the fridge in a tightly covered container for a maximum of three days. If it is left uncovered, healthy enzymes will be lost due to air exposure.

Stay away from unhealthy food choices and start your fruits and vegetables detox now, this way you can improve your total well being, stop feeling congested, bloated and reduce your risk of illnesses. It can also improve your eating habits while at the same time enjoying refreshing fruits and vegetable juices. Start using your creativity by making your own fruit and vegetable juice recipes.

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