Accessories for GPS Running Watches

If you are a professional runner or athlete, or serious about running, then buying a GPS running watch is a must. With so many manufacturers and models to choose them, you are likely to find one that fits your needs perfectly and has every function that you might need. Most of the GPS running watches will help you not only measure the covered distance and your speed, but would make possible for you to analyze your performance, measure your progress, and compete against set parameters. While the standard GPS running watches come with numerous advanced options and functions, their functionality could be further extended with the help of some useful accessories.

If you are cyclist, you could find accessories that would help you attach the GPS watch safely to the bike’s handlebars or stem, which allows you to monitor your data without having to look at your wrist all the time. Foot pods are yet another great accessory, which cyclists could make use of – some of the best ones make use of inertial-sensor technology, which allows for 98% accuracy when measuring cadence and analyzing your movements. Many athletes and sport enthusiasts would like to be able to measure accurately their heart rate and this is where a wireless heart rate monitor comes into play. Most of them are belt-like monitors, which transmit data wirelessly to the main unit, and are safely attached to the chest. USB cables are another accessory, which allows you to upload and download data to and from a computer or MAC, or charge your GPS running watch. Other common useful accessories are AC adapters and vehicle power cables, which let you charge the battery of the unit either in your car or at home.

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